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No-confidence motion meant for its own sake


The no-confidence motion filed by the Democrats (SDS) was probably meant as a tactical move to promote the party which has an increasingly big problem with its identity.

Neither the public nor politics perceived it as a debate based on arguments, but rather as a debate meant for keeping passions at the desired level to be ready for the next step.

This does not mean that the Miro Cerar government could not be confronted from a critical point of view. Some other opposition MPs proved in the debate that this could be done.

While no-confidence motions are often abused, people would again take them seriously as soon as they were based on serious, proper arguments rather than on political tactics supported by lies.

Delo compares the SDS's method to the perverted stage of former Yugoslavia when it was not important what words one used, but what goal the words served.

It is hard to believe that those who are keep submitting dismissal motions to parliament are not aware of the negative social and political consequences of their activity, given that they know in advance they can not succeed.

The aim of such activity is to remain psychologically and physically fit until the next "big event": perhaps a new refugee wave or an abstract event which would bring the necessary destabilisation and an opportunity for one war or another without which some of these politicians cannot live/survive, Delo concludes in War and Peace.


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