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Slovenia linked into internet 25 years ago


The first internet connection in Slovenia was established in November 1991 at the laboratory for open systems and networks of the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) as part of a research project called Cooperation of Open Systems Interconnection iN Europe (COSINE).

The project's coordinator, Borka Jerman Blažič, remembers that after two years of efforts to persuade the federal authorities in Belgrade, IJS researchers got the go-ahead in May 1991 to rent a direct line to link up with the international network infrastructure of the COSINE project.

The same month the IJS started testing the IXI infrastructure in Vienna, Austria, and the link became operational on 15 June 1991, the Slovenian web pioneer told the STA.

The first Internet Protocol (IP) connection was established in November 1991 after permits had been acquired for the transfer of IP packets via CERN in Geneva and via Germany to Amsterdam.

Jerman Blažič registered the .yu top-level domain as early as 1989, which enabled the establishment of an international entry hub for electronic mail and a link with the world.

The next step was to move the server for the .yu domain from the US universities of Berkeley and Harvard to Slovenia.

The .yu domain was handed over to Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, while Slovenia got its .si domain in May 1992 when the country was admitted to the United Nations.

The first Slovenian website became operational at the IJS in 1993.


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