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Lek expanding to more innovative pharma products


According to Urlep, the fact that Novartis is transferring to Lek increasingly advanced production of pharmaceuticals and has invested EUR 1.7bn in capacities and development in Slovenia proves that Lek is recognised as one of the best branches of the pharma giant.

Lek, the first modern pharma company in Slovenia, now follows the latest trends in the industry and is the first drug company in central Europe to have entered the field of biopharmaceuticals.

Moreover, it is also the first central European company to have successfully entered the US market not only with pharmaceutical substances but also with drugs.

Urlep stressed that the fastest growing division in the pharmaceutical industry was biological medications.

The biggest trends in the industry at the moment, according to Urlep, are personalised medicine and drugs, and digitalisation of medical treatment using different sensors that can be inserted in the organism to follow the biological and chemical processes.

He further noted that LEK was nearing the full potential of its current capabilities, so further investments in expansion are expected.

However, he stressed that they hope the state will finally make some real steps to make the Slovenian business environment more competitive.


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