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President accidentally creates new meme


During a visit to Egypt this week Pahor posted on his Instagram a photo of himself pensively leaning against a balustrade captioned Homesick in Cairo.

The photo, since gathering over a thousand likes, went viral in Slovenia and started a trend that has now come to be called Boruting.

Dozens of social media users have started publishing photos of themselves in a similar positions, some a tribute to Pahor's sentiment, others outright mockery.

A Facebook page has also popped up that collects the images and several dozen have been published.

The authors cheekily say that "Boruting is not just a tribute to the president, it is also a way of enjoying life".

The president's office told the STA that the people's response was "very lovely and sincere".

This is just the latest in a series of memes created by the president.

Perhaps his best known, and most controversial, contribution to internet culture has been "miška".

A year and a half ago Pahor attended the annual Graduation Parade in Ljubljana.

In a short video that went viral, Pahor was seen on a stage encouraging students to dance with the words"let's get it on, babe!" and "do it to me!", using the Slovenian word "miška" for babe.

Pahor apologised for the gaffe but it has since become a meme that, although currently used with decreasing frequency, is still around.


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