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Investment environment in Slovenia


Jože Colarič, President of the Management Board and Chief Executive, Krka, d.d.

"Many companies operating in various fields are successful in their business operations in Slovenia. Slovenia has an excellent geopolitical position as it is close to the markets of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, which is an important competitive advantage for everyone engaging in business operations in this part of Europe. Also, conditions for investors which the state has recently adopted are improving and indicate a suitable environment for investments. In addition, Slovenia has many educated and hard-working people who are eager to learn and it is knowledge that is a major contributor to growth and development of any company."

Raynald Joly, CEO Revoz 

"Renault has been present in Slovenia for 45 years and continues to invest in its plant because it is a plant with the highest skill level and very efficient in terms of quality and results. As Slovenia is part of the European Union, its business environment does not deviate a lot from other European countries. Currently, the main issue for Revoz is to assure the massive recruitment for the start of production of the Clio 4 next year."

Dr Riccardo Illy, Vice President, Illy Group, Italy and Member of the IEDC Supervisory Board

"Slovenia is a land of opportunities for those companies and entrepreneurs who are seeking a modern business environment, with a lean administrative structure in the context of the European Market. It's a land rich in resources, including natural, and able to attract tourists from all of the main European countries. It has a high level infrastructures, especially the port and highways, even if the railway system needs further investment. Furthermore, from a political standpoint, there is the need to accelerate the reform process with the adoption of some EU directives and from an economic perspective, the boost of the privatisation processes will help further modernisation of the country. "

Enzo Smrekar, General Manager, Atlantic Grupa

When you are considering doing business in Central Europe, Slovenia offers numerous advantages: geographical location, fast connections, safety, an educated workforce fluent in foreign languages, just to mention a few. Companies in Slovenia are part of the EU business arena while maintaining a deep understanding and involvement in Balkan business communities, which therefore offers excellent opportunities for companies with ambitions in the region and the EU. To further break the FDI barrier, the government needs to keep adopting reforms and follow the vision of the Ministry of Public Administration for Slovenia to become a "Green Reference Country in Digital Europe".


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