The Slovenia Times

Prime minister upbeat about 2017


"We are enabling stability and security, we have reclaimed our financial sovereignty and we are maintaining a stable economic growth," the prime minister said.

Increasingly many good investors are coming to Slovenia and a boom in tourism proves that Slovenia is recognised in the world as a successful and attractive country again. "Unemployment has been decreasing, including among the young," Cerar pointed out.

He believes progress has been made in many areas and that the standard of living has risen.

However, there are still many challenges ahead and the government will strive to enable a dignified life to all Slovenian citizens, the prime minister said.

"Our goal remains Slovenia as a country where it is possible to lead a good life, a country that is evolving and modernising and guarantees a safe and successful future to all."

Cerar said he was happy to see that Slovenians have managed to preserve a will for change despite the crisis years and did not hesitate when it was time to show solidarity.


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