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Govt to debate tougher immigration law


The controversial amendments to the foreigners act will be on the cabinet's agenda after being in limbo for months over concerns that they might contravene constitutional provisions on human rights.

The bill, put forward by the Interior Ministry, sets out a measure for the contingency of a migration situation that could jeopardise public order or internal security.

The measure would be taken based on the government's proposal and the endorsement of parliament with the backing of two-thirds of all MPs, for a period of up to six months with the option of extension.

The National Assembly would also need to take a decision on the end of the measure, this time with a majority of all deputies.

The measure would enable banning migrants who do not meet entry requirements from entering the country and returning those who have crossed into the country illegally.

Police would also apply the measure when a migrant expressed intention to seek asylum when wanting to enter illegally or has crossed illegally from another safe EU country.

The measure would not apply if the migrant's life was in danger or when at serious risk of being subject to torture, inhumane, humiliating treatment or punishment in the country referred to, or due to health reasons.

The measure would also not apply for migrants assessed to be unaccompanied minors.

The amendments, which got the go-ahead from the National Security Council yesterday, also provide for the creation of a foreigners office.


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