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Daily "Večer" says Croatia outfoxed Slovenia in wine dispute


The Croatians secured total victory, even though they have nine years less experience than Slovenians on the Brussels floor. Even before entering the EU they already knew that conviction and the peddling of interests are worth much more than written rules.

Večer argues that the entire Croatian political class had lobbied for the derogation, from the lowest official to the president and prime minister. On the other hand, only a handful of those working on Teran are acquainted with Slovenia's position.

If Slovenians had done at least half the work the Croatians did, the Commission's conduct would have been completely different, Večer noted, adding that the Slovenian agriculture minister had been isolated in his lobbying efforts.

Slovenia's threat of a suit against the Commission is therefore a desperate attempt, even if it is not impossible. But the litigation will not be free and the costs will be borne by the taxpayers.

From this point of view, the litigation euros will be an unnecessary cost, daily Večer concludes.


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