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It is no coincidence that the directors and authors of selected performances are members of the young or middle generation who with orbital speed conquer the European theatre scene (Viliam Docolomanský, Jan Klata, Oliver Frljić, Martin Kocovski, Zoltán Balász...). In addition, they have distinctive aesthetic and social views of the well-known texts adapted to the current situation in Europe. They will put a mirror to our everyday life.
The Lexicon of the Mythology of Former Yugoslavia (new international coproduction by NETA directed by Oliver Frljić), A Piece on Mother and the Fatherland (a specific performance by a rising Polish star, director Jan Klata, which focuses on the historical Polish as well as European dilemmas), Generation 91-95 directed by Borut Šeparović and the Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle by Martin Kocovski are productions which address constantly present historical and political associations and traumas in their local environment, but they do this in their own aesthetic, provocative and witty manner. These performances will undoubtedly provide new perspectives of the cyclic intertwining, entangling and recycling of (non)sense of the contemporary identity through the optics of historical traumas. The relations between the myth and gossip, the dilemmas of the historical absurdities and witty generation links of destructive moments shall expand the horizon of each and every one of us.
The Government Inspector directed by young Veljko Mićunović, Salome by Bojan Brezovec, The Winter's Tale by Margerita Mladenova and Platonov by Zoltán Balász search for new inspirations in the well-known, classical texts merging them with the contemporary elements in all relevant segments of life. The game of the end and the beginning spins in a circle of theatre texts, contemporary consumption society and an individual's attempt to acquire a privileged and comfortable status in a rapid yet unattainable rhythm of everyday life.
Waiting Room directed by Viliem Docolomanský - a regular guest to the European festivals for some years now - Roosevelt Square by Radu Afrim and Rock 'n' roll from Prishtina directed by Dino Mustafić are performances which, due to specific moments and situations and the way of acting, the directors' rebellious attitude and the aesthetic approach, allude that the game of time and space should be stopped; they want to draw attention to their situation and their need for a new approach to history, politics, dilemmas and general conditions in Europe. Are the performances and subjects supported by music, intransigence and determination enough to transfer the rebellious energy from the theatres to our minds?
By addressing the subject of the End or the Beginning, the local productions and premieres by Sanja Nešković Peršin,Vlado Repnik & Martina Ruhsam, Milan Tomášik, Sabina Schwenner, Ryuzo Fukuhara & Samo Potokar will - through the world of dance and theatre - present both the local as well as foreign audience interesting and new perspectives.
Further to the local and foreign productions, the 18th Ex Ponto Festival's programme also encompasses the programme of the New European Theatre Action (NETA). A number of foreign guests and performances as well as two panels on the links and the role of the Slovenian culture within Europe will provide new and various perspectives. You are kindly invited to join us at various venues in Ljubljana to once again demonstrate the proverbially excellent Ex Ponto atmosphere.


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