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Ljubljana will dedicate 2017 to this extraordinary master of architecture - the year in which the city will commemorate two anniversaries of his life; 145 years since his birth (23 January 1872) and the 60th anniversary of his death (7 January 1957) A stroll through the centre of Ljubljana is actually a visit to the largest exhibition of Plečnik's architecture in situ. The path takes visitors from the famous Central Market, across the unique Triple Bridge to Kongresni trg with its Zvezda Park, and then on to Vegova Street with its avenue of Slovenian composers and the National and University Library which captivates with its monumentality. The Križanke complex charms visitors with its detail and then it is a quick walk to the Trnovo district where Plečnik arranged his own home.
It is at Plečnik's House, where in 2017 the Plečnik Year, a series of interesting exhibitions and events, will take place. Plečnik Year will start in January with an exhibition dedicated to the last completely finished project of the architect, the 1956 garden pavilion on the Brijuni Islands. The exhibition will be a collaboration with the Manuscript, Rare and Old Prints Collection department from the National and University Library, which acquired a precious donation from Dr Lojze Gostiša. This donation revealed hitherto unseen original plans for the pavilion and photographs of Plečnik's visits to Brijuni. Among them were also the last Plečnik's portraits, taken in autumn of 1956. Especially valuable is the personal testimony of Dr Gostiša regarding the circumstances that led to the realisation of the project, which now stands as a symbol of Plečnik's testament.
Spring at the Plečnik House will be a collaboration with the Archive of Prague Castle (exhibition's author is Dr Martin Halata). The exhibition will shine a light on Plečnik's plans for the rearrangement and equipment of the presidential living spaces within Prague Castle, and the important personal connections Plečnik had with Czechoslovakian President Masaryk and his daughter, Alice. The exhibition will present plans and photographs of Plečnik's original design for Masaryk in the 1930s, as well as chair replicas. Prague Castle is an important subject in Plečnik's oeuvre and still connects Prague and Ljubljana to this day.
The exhibition simple titled, JOŽE, is assured to attract many visitors to Plečnik House during summer. In a collaboration between the gallery and project space, DobraVaga and Plečnik House, young artists will be able to present their current artistic production which will focus on their perception of the Slovenian architect.
During autumn, with the Plečnik Year slowly ending, visitors will be able to take a peek into the original material of the Plečnik Collection. The exhibition will present original plans by Plečnik and archival photographs of projects connected with water: wells, monuments, commemorations... the vast majority of which were never realised. Special attention will, of course, be also given to completed projects in Ljubljana and around Slovenia.
Plečnik Year will not only be marked by the events at Plečnik House, interesting exhibitions and events will also take place around Ljubljana. During the spring months of 2017, Jakopič Gallery will hold a retrospective exhibition of Damjan Gale, an architect who took photographs, and a photographer that put architecture as his focus. The exhibition will offer an insight into Gale's unique oeuvre dedicated to Plečnik's architecture. In the summer, Ljubljana Castle will exhibit Plečnik above Ljubljana, an exhibition which will also present the never realised architect's visions for the Castle Hill. All architecture enthusiasts will also have the possibility of participating in guided tours of Plečnik's Ljubljana. The tours, either on foot or by bicycle, will be organised by Visit Ljubljana throughout 2017.
Plečnik Year will serve Plečnik's Ljubljana with a cup full of adventures. Do not miss them!


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