The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" sees plan B for Cimos as opportunity


"Many in Cimos welcomed the latest development with relief, as the harmful agony has been suspended for at least a moment," the paper says.

The only dark spot is the fear that the same people who brought the Koper-based company to this point want to decide about its fate again.

Criticising the Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC) and the State Sovereign Holding for selecting an indecisive buyer to sell Cimos to, the commentator argues that anyone could buy the company under the conditions the Italian fund Palladio Finanziaria had.

"Yesterday a number of Slovenian businessmen who see a great challenge in Cimos's engineering know-how stood up and offered themselves."

Apart from that, BAMC will not have to pay the EUR 7m promised to Croatia under an agreement on the repayment of Cimos's debt to DAB, the Croatian agency for bank resolution because Palladio Finanziaria withdrew from the deal.

The money would be better spent by investing it into a Slovenian foundry so that Cimos would have an alternative supplier. "No businessman would allow such extortion as demonstrated by Croatia in the past two months."

"If [Economy Minister Zdravko] Počivalšek's people make sure to do away with all the old risks...buyers' trust and new orders will not be hard to win," the paper adds.


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