The Slovenia Times

Slovenian crowdfunding campaigns successful last year


Slovenian start-ups launched 80 campaigns on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Adrifund in 2016. They sought a combined EUR 1.3m but got EUR 1.8m. Almost 40% of campaigns were successful.

Campaigns are improving due to people's knowledge and better campaign preparation, crowdfunding expert Žiga Berce said at a presentation on Wednesday.

The least successful platform for Slovenian projects was Indiegogo, where setting up a campaign does not demand excessive preparations or financial and time investment.

In Berce's opinion, the majority of Indiegogo projects do not prepare sufficiently for the campaign, which results in less successful campaigns financially.

Berce added that revenue is no longer the main reason for crowdfunding. Instead, people are increasingly opting for crowdfunding to acquire a start-up capital or additional funds for product launch and testing.


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