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Melania's hometown introducing First Lady brand


According to the brand owner, the Sevnica public institute for culture, sport, tourism and youth activities, First Lady products include Sevnica's blue Frankish, traditional salami, pastry, beauty creams, chocolates, chocolate-covered dried apple slices, herbal tea and unique mugs.

The products have already attracted the attention of several global web sites, including British wine and wine-lifestyle magazine Decanter and the Time in the US.

The municipality of Sevnica has said that the town also got a new visual identity and a new, Visit Sevnica logo.

The range of First Lady products has also expanded to postcards, T-shirts, hats and souvenir magnets.

Several Melania Trump-themed treats began appearing in Sevnica before and after the US election, including the Melania cake, crepes, dessert cups, pie and a presidential burger, but the use of Melania Trump's name without her consent soon became a source of controversy.

So now, the town with some 5,000 inhabitants that used to be known for successful companies such as lingerie maker Lisca, shoe maker Kopitarna and chemical company Tanin Sevnica wants to offer visitors genuine First Lady products.


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