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Slovenian roads among the deadliest in the EU


In the EU as a whole, 50 people died in traffic accidents per million population as roads claimed 25,000 lives, 2% fewer than in 2015 and an almost 20% improvement over 2010.

The data for Slovenia shows 63 victims per million population. Only seven member states had a worse death toll.

The trend is negative as well, as the death toll had dropped from 67 per million population in 2010 to 58 in 2015, only do deteriorate again last year.

Nevertheless, Slovenia still has fairly safe roads compared to the worst performers, Bulgaria and Romania, where roads claimed just under a hundred lives per million population.

With fewer than 30 road deaths per million population, Swedish and British roads are the safest in the EU.

The data was presented at a stakeholder and ministerial conference in Malta on Tuesday.


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