The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" calls for reform at the time of best outlook in decade


ive years back, Slovenia was on the precipice of doom, IMAD was forecasting a new recession, but today the skies above Slovenia could not have been clearer as the government forecaster promises the fastest expansion of economy in a decade.

"What are completely different situations at first glance have a common denominator - a government and politicians who are completely unprepared to implement the necessary reforms because they are trying to get votes."

Politicians' minds are dimmed by next year's general elections and the extremely good economic results, for which they likely believe are the fruit of their efforts.

Structural reform is necessary, not only for the stability of the public finances but also for inciting growth, the commentator continues in Intoxicating Forecasts.

Quoting IMAD boss BoŇ°tjan Vasle that political instability is no longer a factor hindering economic growth, the paper concludes that a lack of reform on the part of politicians, which nearly pushed Slovenia into the arms of the Troika during the crisis, is something completely different. "Let us not forget, new crises are coming."


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