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Luka Koper gets super container crane


SPPX container cranes are the largest type of container cranes in the world, and Luka Kopwer needs them in order to service the increasingly bigger container ships coming to the port, the company said.

The crane arrived from the Viktor Lenac shipyard in Rijeka, where it was assembled after its parts were shipped there by the company Liebherr from Ireland.

Another crane of the same kind is expected to arrive in the port next week, Luka Koper said.

So far, container ships with the capacity of up to 8,000 container units were being unloaded at the Koper Port, while the new crane will allow the unloading of ships with a capacity of up to 20,000 container units.

The two cranes weighing 1,200 tonnes each and having a lifting capacity of 71 tonnes will be the largest cranes in the port of Koper and perhaps even in the northern Adriatic, Luka Koper spokesperson Sebastjan Šik said.


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