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2Cellos' bows sold for EUR 12,000 at charity auction


The duo - Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser - have told the public broadcaster's radio station Val 202 that the bows had served them very well in all their tours and were an "indispensable tool", so they were very attached to them.

"They suffer a lot in our energetic and intensive playing, so now they will finally get some rest from us and our concerts," the duo said.

Šulić and Hauser said they were immensely grateful for all the support they received during their education from many sponsors and donors, since musical education is expensive regardless of the talent.

The auction of their bows took place through Val 202 from 3 April, and the sponsorship project is still gathering funds for young musical talents with SMS donations until 23 April.

The famous cello duo gave two sold out concerts in Ljubljana last week.


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