The Slovenia Times

Daily "Večer" berates Slovenian authorities over border checks


Quoting PM Miro Cerar in saying that Slovenia is obliged to meet its commitments as a guardian of the Schengen border, the paper wonders what happened to the "guardians of humanity and of original ideas of a Europe of open borders and to promises about prosperity for neighbouring countries".

The paper wonders why the lines of vehicles are longer to the south and who Slovenia is protecting its southern neighbours and the whole of the Balkans from, and why.

"Why cause such distress to some people, when on Thursday evening cars were let across the border at Sečovlje with a wave of the hand, without their documents being checked, and not even ten vehicles waiting to cross."

The commentary headlined Border Experiment goes on to say that the Brussels directive on systematic border checks has given the Slovenian government the addictive power to decide about exercising "total control of people".

It also wonders whether "the arbitrary power of Interior Ministry forces" will become acceptable.


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