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12% of Youths Drink Frequently


Some 12% of the Slovenian youth between 11 and 15 drink alcohol at least once a week, while 40% never drink, according to a survey presented by the Public Health Institute (IVZ) on Tuesday. The number of abstinent 11-13-year-olds has dropped compared to 2006, but the number of 15-year-olds who drink, especially girls, is increasing.

However, boys remain the most numerous alcohol consumers, the survey, which was conducted in 2010, shows. Some 41% of 15-year-old boys have been drunk at least twice in their lives, while 26% consume alcohol at least once a week. Nearly a half of 15-year-olds have tried alcohol for the first time when they were 13 or younger.

IVZ official Katja Kovse said that alcohol consumers were more likely to have an alcohol poisoning, be involved in traffic and other accidents, engage in violent behaviour, commit or attempt suicide, have problems at school, engage in risky sexual behaviour, and are more prone to alcohol abuse later in life.

Another IVZ official, Tadeja Hocevar told the press that drinking is a form of socialising and fun for the youth. "It is essential to provide the youth with organised and quality free time."

The most important factors of alcohol consumption are availability and tolerance of drinking in the society, peer pressure as well as the example set by the parents.

The survey looking into behaviour of youth in a specific time period is a part of an international study of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It was conducted for the third time in Slovenia by the IVZ in 2010.


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