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Several prospective bidders to conduct due diligence of Merkur


While Goriup would not disclose any details beyond saying she expected the sale could be wrapped up in June, media reports suggest several Slovenian bidders had come forward.

Web portal said that several major Merkur suppliers and creditors had incorporated a company, MMTN Investicije, to carry out the purchase.

The business newspaper Finance said that other interested parties include Avrigo, a major transport company, Ahac, a retailer, and Coma, a company specialising in the supply of water and sewage equipment.

The bankruptcy administrator had tried to sell Merkur by soliciting binding bids, but failed to receive a single offer.

Merkur trgovina is the retail operation of Merkur, which was sliced up as part of the bankruptcy procedure to allow the stores to continue operating.

While binding bids are sought for the retail operation, Heta Asset Resolution, the Austrian bad bank, has been soliciting bids for the Merkur shopping centres and real estate.


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