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WWII remembered on Resistance Day


 The national ceremony was held in Trbovlje last night with parliamentary Speaker Milan Brglez as the keynote speaker.

Brglez pointed out in his address that freedom was just a given but had been fought for and that with freedom came responsibility.

"The 20th century saw some of the most cruel violations of human rights and some of the biggest milestones in their protection. This...confirms the power of ideas and visions and gives courage to all of us who are striving for mutual respect and peace between people, nations and in the world," the speaker said.

Today a ceremony will be held in the city of Ptuj with the president of the WWII Veterans' Association Tit Turnšek delivering the keynote.

The Presidential Palace will be open to the general public with President Borut Pahor welcoming the visitors at 11 AM.

Wreaths were laid yesterday at the memorial to the Liberation Front in front of the house in which the movement was established in Rožna dolina 76 years ago.

The movement, initially known as the Anti-Imperialist Front, was set up in Ljubljana on 26 April 1941, the day that Adolf Hitler was in Maribor.

For at least two decades after the war it was believed that the founding meeting was held a day later, on 27 April, which is why Resistance Day is observed on that date.


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