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Adria Mobil with a record year in 2016


The core company generated EUR 322m in revenues in 2016, up 23% compared to the year before, while its net profit more than doubled to EUR 27m.

According to the annual report, published on Friday, the core company last year sold 11,840 units, which is 18% more than in 2015, while sales at the group level amounted to 13,318, which represents a 17% growth.

Gole said in the report that the company had managed a higher growth of sales than recorded on the European market, adding that it would continue to follow the trend by putting an emphasis on development excellence, quality, innovation and design.

The number of employees in the group was up last year by 325 to 1,620, with the core company employing an additional 245 people to increase its workforce to 910.

At the end of the year, the Adria Mobil brand held a 6.3% share on the European market when it comes to camper vans and a 6.9% share when it comes to caravans.


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