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No Doubt: Kresal Stays.


Kresal wanted to check whether she still enjoyed her party's support after the Corruption Prevention Commission found elements of corruption in the lease of the building from her acquaintance, which prompted her to step down on 10 August. An adverse opinion of the lease was also issued by the Court of Audit.

Kresal announced today that she would challenge the Corruption Prevention Commission's opinion in the matter in court, noting that even institutions such as the Court of Audit and the anti-graft commission might be wrong sometimes.

The LibDem leader expressed satisfaction with today's vote, noting that "trust is for me the basis for any good cooperation" and that today's session would provide a good basis for the party's future work.

Voting for Kresal were 54 members of the LDS council with none against. Such an outcome was already indicated before the session as senior party members voiced their support and labelled her decision to step down a correct move.

The only voice of dissent came from Blaz Kavcic, Kresal's unsuccessful challenger for the presidency at the May congress, who however left today's session early.

Kresal said that the party would now need to get ready for the general election in which the LibDems "will bet on the values they always work by: the rule of law, human rights, an efficient economy and principled policies".

Asked whether the support by the party council represented a vote of no-confidence in the institutions such as the Court of Audit and the Corruption Prevention Commission, Kresal said that the party's attitude to those institutions was demonstrated by her immediate resignation form the post of interior minister without comment.


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