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Exhibition AFGHANISTAN - Slovene Views


Afghanistan: Slovene Views, currently exhibited in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum is finally open and has already had many visitors who are interested in discovering the old and not often exhibited culture. The ethnographic exhibition introduces the Slovene public to the culture, history and geography of Afghanistan from historical times to the present.

Afghanistan -Slovene Views is based upon the rich Afghan collection from the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, displays objects from different Slovene travellers, collectors, etc., and photos, interviews and complementary collections from the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana. Through the use of about 400 objects, photos, videos and audios, the exhibition reflects different stories about Afghanistan in the past and present. The exhibition include a collection of paintings by Afghan refugee children and beautiful photos by many Slovene photographers of international fame. Visitors are, while discovering Afghan culture, surrounded by an artistic sound installation by internationally famous Slovene sound art designer Ms Hanna Preuss.

The exhibition explores all aspects of Afghan culture and daily life. The "Cultural" theme explores ethnic diversity, Islam and it's tremendous impact on the Afghani way of life, the bazaar and customs and habits. "Art in Afghan" culture addresses forms such as crafts and handicrafts, calligraphy and miniature painting, music, poetry, architecture, jewellery, traditional costumes and Buzkashi. "Contemporary Afghanistan" explores the role of women, the proliferation of NGOs in Afghanistan, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance, as well as Afghani refugees and their reintegration.

The exhibition is accompanied by a vibrant program of cultural events including lectures, music performances, art & craft workshops and a film series. The curator of the museum project is Ralf ńĆeplak Mencin, M.A. and the exhibition will be open until 30 March 2018.


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