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13th anniversary of Slovenia EU membership marked in Ptuj


"The EU should be lived, the EU should be understood and we should co-create it all the time," Bulc said as she addressed the Let's Meet EU Member States event.

According to her, projects such as this, in which students of Ptuj primary and secondary schools are presenting EU member states, bring the diversity of Europe closer to the people and eliminate fear of the unknown.

Bulc said that Europeans could look into the future with optimism, noting that all member states were recording positive economic growth, that the number of unemployed was decreasing, and that innovativeness, creativity and added value of products and services were being raised.

But this does not mean that the work has been done, according to Bulc, who said that "we must make sure all the time that the political structures, decision-making systems and in particular the systems for involving people in general decision-making are being upgraded."

The European commissioner is optimistic about the future of the EU, as she is aware of the power the Union has on the global scale. "With better cooperation and by using our diversity...we will remain such a power," she added.

The address by Bulc was followed with a talk with MEP Igor Šoltes (Greens), who said that EU citizens must be aware of both the advantages and weaknesses of the Union. "Each country will find it harder to resolve all what is awaiting us on its own than us all together."

"A new page has to be turned and a step forward must me made and our ranks closed after Brexit," he said, adding that if Europe wanted to regain trust of its citizens, it must listen to them.

"I think that we have to get back and establish that Europe is not only a project of peace, but also of solidarity, welfare and care for human beings," Šoltes concluded.


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