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Luka Koper Q1 net profit up 16% to EUR 13.9m


The growth of revenue at group level is attributed to the main activity of cargo and container transshipment, warehousing and additional services, while revenue from rents was down.

A total of 6.1 million tonnes of cargo was transshipped at the Port of Koper in the first quarter, up 9% year-on-year. A record monthly transshipment of 2.2 million tonnes of cargo was recorded in February.

Container transshipment amounted to 227,567 units in the first quarter, which represents a 9% growth on the annual level. A record monthly container transshipment of 78,527 units was recorded in January.

Transshipment of cars remained virtually level at 158,566 units.

The core company Luka Koper also operated better than in the same period last year and above plans. Net revenu, at EUR 52.2m, was 8% higher than in the first quarter of 2016 and 5% above the planned amount.

Net profit of the operator of Slovenia's sole maritime port was up by 24% to EUR 13m, while operating profit rose by 20% to EUR 15.8m.

The Luka Koper group earmarked EUR 15.6m for investments in the first quarter of the year, mostly for equipping the container terminal and constructing a new multi-purpose warehouse.

It expects to generate EUR 206m in net revenue this year, which would be 2% below plans but 8% more than last year.


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