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Performances to transform Ljubljana into lighting dreamworlds


The 11th Lighting Guerilla festival, running for a month at the Vžigalica gallery and several other indoor and outdoor venues, will focus on memory, its importance and role in the subjective experience of an individual and at the level of society.

Festival curator Katerina Mirovič told the STA that the underlying theme was time, which enables and cocreates memory and at the same time erases it.

According to her, the participating artists look to technical, artistic and cultural heritage that inspires them or explore (their own) past and experience to rethink their own identities.

The festival will open with an exhibition of foreign and Slovenian participating authors Ralf Westerhof, Luka Savić, Ian Burns, Borut Bučinel, Miha Zupan and Andrej Štular at Vžigalica.

In his creation, Westerhof of the Netherlands focuses on the enemy and highlights their ambiguous manifestation, while Štular puts the spotlight on the stranger, whose life, full of experience, is a mystery to the observer.

Savić meanwhile bows to the tradition of avant-garde art with his icon modulator inspired by Hungarian artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Australian arists Burns will put on display an analogue machine that creates poetic lines and projects them on walls.

Apart from Vžigalica, the festival will inhabit several other places, including the park at the Križanke open-air theatre, where Davor Sanvincenti of Croatia will put up his Nostalgija po svetlobi/Mrtva konstelacija (Nostalgia for Light/Dead Constellation) project.

The Novi trg square near the Ljubljanica river will return to the previous century with street lights "powered by Slovenian ads", created by Stephane Masson of France. A kiosk with the decor of the time will highlight the industrial heritage of the era.

Ads will also be in the focus of Zaslepljenost (Delusion) by Matej Andraž Vogrinčič in a nearby street. Vogrinčič's projections of ads will question the disappearance of memory and point to the fact of changing space through time.

Another part of the festival will take place at one of Ljubljana's first industrial complexes Cukrarna, now a shabby building that was once a successful sugar refinery on the banks of the Ljubljanica.

Flotsam and other scraps will be put together as things that create memory, while Germany's Vollrad Kutscher created from lightbulbs the portraits of people who importantly influenced the development of electricity.


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