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900 tonnes of waste burned in Kemis fire, half of which hazardous


Kemis said the facility had stored 1,402 tonnes of waste at the time of the fire, 948 of which was hazardous. The list of the items is topped by various kinds of oils, varnishes and paints.

After the fire, which was put out by more than 250 firefighters, locals were reporting respiration problems, while a nearby creek was said to be seriously polluted. A closure of the plant has been demanded.

The Public Health Institute advised against the consumption of food from nearby gardens and fields, although it also highlighted analyses showing the soil is suitable for growing food everywhere but in the immediate vicinity of Kemis.

The developments led to the government announcing on Wednesday measures meant to prevent such disasters in the future.

The matter is also being scrutinised by the office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, which estimates that the public had not been notified about the accident and its ramifications in a satisfactory manner.

Kemis and its owner, household appliance maker Gorenje, said on Wednesday they understood the concerns of the locals and announced an inquiry into "the circumstances of this exceptional event" as well as measures if required.


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