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Police chief discusses terrorism with Mediterranean colleagues


Police commissioners from Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, France, Malta, Italy and Slovenia discussing concrete problems in the region and agreeing on certain solutions, in particular in connection with terrorism, organised crime and illegal migration. 

They also debated solutions regarding returning of migrants and support for European projects in third countries, the Slovenian police said in a press release.

Fank said at the event that Slovenia welcomed the initiative that such meetings take place on a regular basis and that it supported future meetings within this framework, as the Mediterranean was a specific and exposed geographical area lying in the close vicinity of third countries.

The Slovenian police commissioner also stressed that Slovenia supported all efforts contributing to higher efficiency and rationalisation of the prevention of risks related to terrorism and organised crime.

Fank added that Slovenia supported enhanced cooperation between intelligence services and the police, which will allow for timely recognition and understanding of new security trends and threats, and possibly better prevention and investigation.

Establishing a forum of police commissioners from the Mediterranean EU countries will additionally contribute to better cooperation of the countries in the area, which are particularly exposed to risks of organised illegal migration, which could be abused for importing terrorism and other forms of organised crime, he said.


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