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De-mystifying the Power and Potential of Cannabis


Many movements worldwide are active to promote the legalization of both: cannabis for use in medicine and healing, as well as hemp, for its many uses for potential solutions relating to self-sustainability for nations, cities and communities.  

The general theme of the conference is to demystify cannabis and promote a greater understanding of the health benefits of this plant. There is so much to know about this plant that has great healing potential on both a personal and a planetary level, but the main focus of this event will be relating to new and surprising discoveries of cannabis use, particularly as it relates to the medical fields of psychiatry and brain cancers.

The desired goal of the Cannabis Renaissance is to offer practical, scientifically-backed research from individuals who have committed their lives and careers, and sometimes with great personal risk, to bring this knowledge and this truth back to the people of the planet and release it from those who have sought to suppress and control this natural, healing plant.

Eight individuals, each known and respected worldwide in their particular areas of expertise relating to cannabis or similar research, have been invited to this year's event. Božidar Radišič, the organizer for the annual event, spoke with The Slovenia Times to offer a bit more information about the event:

Q: Indigenous and eastern traditional medicine have always understood the importance of natural elements and energy in contributing to health or lack of health. Your theme this year focuses on medicine and psychiatry. This cannot be a

A: No, it is not. We are especially happy to have Dr. Sue Sisley with us this year to present her latest information. Dr. Sisley is a U.S. physician practicing Internal Medicine and
Psychiatry. She works as a Medical Director for medical cannabis license holders in 11
different states / territories from Hawaii to Puerto Rico to New York. Dr. Sisley is currently
participating in the first DEA-approved study in the U.S. for PTSD, post-traumatic stress
disorder. Her research, combined with all the other fantastic research coming out at this time, supports the huge potential cannabis can play, not only in general healing, but also in the
areas of psychiatry, psychology and the brain.

Q: Why collaboration in bringing this long-suppressed knowledge back into the
mainstream awareness is so important to you?

A: Anyone who has done any kind of research on cannabis will understand that cannabis, as a healing plant, poses no risks or dangers to human health, as long as the plant is
cultivated naturally, and not synthetically manufactured. The true potential of this plant
represents a threat to the parts of the medical and pharmaceutical industries that rely on
profits, instead of genuine care for humanity.

Access to effective and natural healing substances and modalities is a basic human right - a right that is currently being neglected worldwide on multiple levels. Governments and pharmaceutical companies are attempting to patent a version of this natural plant, in order to extract mega profits from people who are uninformed about the differences, and the potential dangers, of being forced to use a legalized synthetic version of a plant that is more effective in its natural state, a state that cannot be patented. 

The Time Is Now

Numerous health crises, such as cancer, are experiencing a significant rise in the number of people being affected. What is most important at this time is that if you or a loved one is experiencing cancer, brain tumor, PTSD, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or one of the many other conditions that may be treated successfully with cannabis use, then this is a conference you will want to attend to learn more and to ask the questions.

The 2-day event offers a series of pricing options to attend.

• Seniors, students and unemployed people can attend all days for EUR 60 or EUR 35 / day;
• General admission is EUR 80 for all days and EUR 50 / day;
• For the public institutions and corporations the fees are EUR 120 for all days and EUR 70 / day;

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