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German government expects border decision to be respected


The decision made in accordance with the bilateral agreement is expected to be implemented in six months, the German Embassy said in a press release on Wednesday.

"International arbitration is an important instrument of the international law and plays an important role in resolving international conflicts," the embassy said.

It noted that by signing the border arbitration agreement in November 2009, Slovenia and Croatia had made a joint commitment to hand over the bilateral dispute to international arbitration.

"Regardless of the content of what is still an unknown decision, it is important for the German federal government from the aspect of international law that the arbitration decision be respected and that the parties implement it."

According to the embassy, respecting the integrity of international courts is in the interest of both countries and EU member states need to provide a good example in this respect.

"The German government also expects both partners in the EU to implement the decision of the arbitration tribunal in six months, as determined in the agreement."

The German government will also give its opinion on the decision of the arbitration tribunal after a thorough analysis.


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