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Slovenian Art Month in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


More than 20 Slovenian artists applied, 5 were successful and selected.

  • Klemen Brun
  • Barbara Demšar
  • Maša Gala
  • Jože Šubic
  • Aljaž Vidrajz

Abu Dhabi Art Hub is the first artist community established in the United Arab Emirates that focuses on emerging and established visual artists from across the world. It serves as a platform for interaction and cross-cultural artistic exchanges between national, regional and international artists.

Thus, for example, they hosted Russian artists in the month of February, Macedonian artist in the month of January and Native American artists in April 2017. It is Slovenian turn in September. More about countries participating by month can be found here Beside spendingtheir time working in the art residence, artists will also have a chance to visit tourism attractions around the city of Abu Dhabi, get to know better the Emirati culture and also spend a night in the famous and one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, Liwa desert. The trip to the desert gives to the artists a special inspiration for their creativity.

"The Artist Residency Program in Art Hub provides artists with the opportunity to obtain the space to create, experiment, and exchange ideas. With hosting Slovenian artists in the coming September we want to give a chance to both, UAE and Slovenian artists' community to interact not only in terms of art, but also from the cultural aspect." Mr Ahmed Al Yafei, founder and owner of Abu Dhabi Art Hub said about the idea of hosting Slovenian artists.

The opening exhibition of art works produced by Slovenian artists in Abu Dhabi will happen in the last week of September. These kinds of events are usually used for business meetings and countries promotion.

Participating artists' statements

Klemen Brun, one of selected artists claims the importance of cross-cultural interaction by saying that "it is our mission to spread the idea of cultural differences across borders. As Slovenian artists so much more because we are a small nation and Abu Dhabi is quite different culturally so both countries can benefit from this interaction." 

Maša Gala, an emerging artists also participating in Abu Dhabi claimed that: "It is vital for an artist today to be constantly in touch with different cultures, other artists and people working in cultural industries, to know what is going on in the field of contemporary art all over the world. Especially important is a personal relationship with art enthusiasts locally and globally to stay up to date. That is why I am so honoured to be a part of Abu Dhabi artists-in-residence program as an emerging artist."

"It is essential to find a connection with each other and Art as a universal language can benefit us all tremendously. It will be my greatest pleasure to connect with artists of Middle East and find that parallel between counties so different geographically and artistically, while yet so close in understanding that art is here to interlink us all." Aljaž Vidrajz, Qualified Mosaic Artisan adds.

"I am honoured, that I have the opportunity to be a part of Abu Dhabi Art Hub residency program in September. I very much look forward to share our art and cultural diversity." Barbara Demšar said about the future experience.


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