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Sonja Šmuc slated for the top job at GZS


The nomination was revealed in a written statement on Friday by the chamber's president Boštjan Gorjup, who said Šmuc's track record and know-how made her the right candidate to implement his vision.

His main goals as president include reaching a broad agreement with trade unions, reducing the tax wedge on highly skilled workers, health reform, expansion of internships for vocational programmes and more jobs for those over 55.

Šmuc was quoted in the statement as saying the success of the corporate sector in recent years had created "an excellent opportunity to reach higher as an economy and society".

Slovenia's goal should be to place among the 15 most developed countries in Europe, which "Slovenians are capable of provided there is some reform and more cooperation", she said.

Šmuc, who has a master's degree in business and is well known for her promotion of women in management, has headed the Managers' Association since 2005.

She also works in national and international bodies including the National Gender Equality Council and the EU Commission's Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

The current GZS director general Samo Hribar Milič announced in early July that he was withdrawing but would remain with the chamber.

He was first appointed the interim president in November 2006 for six months and went on to work as the director general between June 2007 and June 2011.Between 2011 and May 2015, he held both senior positions - that of the president and director general until May 2015, after which he was appointed director general for four years.


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