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Reunification with Prekmurje region remembered


The keynote speaker will be the president of the Prekumrje Society of General Maister Murska Sobota Marjan Fareič, while attendance is also expected by President Borut Pahor and Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan.

Ceremonies will moreover be organised in the Črešnovci municipality, where Pahor will be present too, as well as in Beltinci.

In Beltinci, 17 August is a municipal holiday in honour of this day in 1919 when 20,000 people gathered to support the region's reunification with Slovenia after nearly 900 years under Hungarian rule.

In 1919 Prekmurje passed from the military to the civilian authority of the newly-established Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which fought on the side of the Allies.

A decision to give Prekmurje to the Kingdom, which later on became the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, was made after the war at the Paris Peace Conference in May 1919.

Although Hungary merged with Austria to form the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy in the mid-19th century, Prekmurje remained separate from the rest of the Slovenian territory until the end of WWI.

Before being reunited, the people of Prekmurje were subject to heavy Hungarization under Hungarian rule, while nearly the entire Slovenian territory was a part of the Hapsburg Monarchy.

Prekmurje Reunification Day was for the first time celebrated in 2006 after parliament passed changes to a relevant law to expand it with several new national holidays.

In 2009, the government decided, due to austerity, to suspend annual national ceremonies on such holidays, financing them only every five years.


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