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Ptuj travels back to Ancient Roman times


The festival recreates the history of this north-eastern town from 2,000 years ago, when Poetovio was a military outpost, which grew into an important trade and crafts town.

Visitors will be able to experience the way of life of the time first-hand and try on Roman garments at the Roman camp, where a three-day children's camp will start on Friday. A party featuring fire breathers and veiled dancers will be held in the evening.

The festival will culminate on Saturday, when a march of Romans is to take place in the streets of the town. The dance of the vestal virgins will also be presented, as will gladiator fights and other Roman games. Visitors will be treated to Roman dishes and drinks.

On Sunday, the Roman camp will feature a varied programme for children and families throughout the day, with the organisers closing this year's camp with the consecration of the main column for the XI Roman Games.

This year's festival is dedicated to the Poetovio meeting of Pannonian generals of the year 69, at which Marcus Antonius Primus convinced them to back Vespasian for emperor of Rome.

Ptuj at the time had over 40,000 citizens, of which around 10,000 were soldiers defending the borders of the Roman Empire. The city boasted its own mint and customs and tax offices.

Andrej Klasinc, the chairman of the Poetovio LXIX society, which organises the festival, said they wanted to expand the festival, which has a great tourism potential.


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