The Slovenia Times

Gamers to descend on Ljubljana for NEST 2017


The organisers, portals and Slo-Tech, believe the gaming festival is bound to attract a lot of attention among gamers, considering the attendance at the qualifying tournaments.

In addition to the main events, NEST 2017 will feature non-competitive gaming, showcase the latest in virtual reality and gaming as well as talks with successful Slovenian streamers.

Some of the teams in the main events are semi-professional, but the organisers also expect appearances by gamers that have already made it in the e-sports world.

According to the organisers, e-sports is still in early stages in Slovenia, but events like NEST help promote the industry which has seen a rapid rise over the recent years.

In the tournament, eight teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary will compete in Counter Strike, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Fifa 17.

Already, there are some Slovenian individuals and teams in professional e-sports: two Slovenians compete in the top-tier league of League of Legends, a MOBA game, and another competes in the popular football video game Fifa. A Slovenian-Croatian team plays in a Counter Strike: Global Offensive league.


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