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Karitas raising funds for projects in Central Africa


The charity cooperates with Slovenian missionaries and locals, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also involved in some of the projects.

In 2016, the eleventh year of the initiative, Karitas raised EUR 148,300, which helped feed 400 malnourished children, support health centres, maternity clinics and kindergartens in the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Madagascar.

Support for similar projects is planned with this year's funds, including food for children in the Central African Republic and the renovation of a major health centre in Burundi.

Karitas is also continuing with its programme of support for families in Africa, Albania and Sri Lanka.

Job opportunities or start-up capital are provided for farming or for family businesses as part of the project.

Karitas representatives told the press  that a number of families had secured a decent living and had become independent during the first seven years of the programme.


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