The Slovenia Times

Contaminated eggs made way into Slovenia after all


According to the Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection, three Slovenian legal entities bought 17 kilogrammes of contaminated egg products in Austria's Klagenfurt in July.

The companies, two of which are in the food business, bought liquid yolk and liquid scrambled eggs produced by the German company Eipro-Vermarktung in which increased values of fipronil had been detected. The products were sold by Austrian retailer Metro Cash & Carry.

The Austrian authorities informed the Slovenian Food Administration of the sale of the contaminated products on Wednesday.

While the two food companies used the products to make dishes such as desserts and served them to the guests of their restaurants, the third legal entity bought them for own use.

Considering the maximum possible daily consumption of the end products and the levels of fipronil found in the egg products, the consumptions posed no risk to consumers' health, the Food Administration said.


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