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SMC fields education minister as presidential candidate


"She is not offering only the appearance, but also the content and heart," Cerar said, adding that the candidate had a realistic chance of making it to the run-off and eventually winning the elections.

By endorsing Makovec Brenčič unanimously, the SMC council showed that it believes in her, that she is serious and that she brings a "fresh attitude to this post", he said.

"Today is really a great day for the SMC, because we are endorsing for the first time a candidate for the highest post in the country".

Makovec Brenčič, who is not a member of the SMC, will present herself as a presidential candidate on Friday and will join the party at their meeting in Maribor, according to Cerar.

He noted that the candidate was a successful professor and that she was very active internationally, adding that she had all required experience for the presidential role.

Makovec Brenčič is a full professor at the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics at the international economy department, and before being appointed minister in May 2015, she was a vice-chancellor of the University of Ljubljana.

"Our Maja is courageous and determined and she is not afraid of giving statements on important and concrete issues, even when they are difficult. She is always open for dialogue and I believe that she is the right and the best candidate", Cerar said.

The SMC is only the second parliamentary party to field its candidate for the presidential elections after the opposition (NSi) put forward its president and MP Ljudmila Novak.


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