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Vacancies on NLB supervisory board filled


Peter Groznik, Simona Kozjek and Vida Šeme Hočevar were appointed for four-year terms with immediate effect after two supervisors stepped down and the term of another one ended.

They will be joining Primož Karpe as chief supervisor, Andreas Klingen, David Kastelic, Alexander Bayr, David Eric Simon and Laszlo Urban.

Groznik has served as a NLB supervisor before. Most recently, he has been on the management board of household appliances maker Gorenje.

Šeme Hočevar is a former secretary general of Banka Slovenije, Slovenia's central bank. She is a plenipotentiary of the management at Skupna pokojninska družba, a pension fund manager.

Kozjek serves as chairman of Nama, the company managing Ljubljana's biggest department store. Previously she worked at the insurance group Zavarovalnica Triglav.

According to the newspaper Finance, Kozjek is also a supervisor at asset manager Triglav Skladi, a post she will have to resign from over a conflict of interest since NLB operates rival NLB Skladi.

Meanwhile, Šeme Hočevar is expected to excuse herself on insurance issues because NLB has a minority stake in Skupna Pokojninska družba.

The newspaper Delo has reported that Kastelic will bid farewell from the NLB supervisory board after he has been waiting for months in vain to get regulatory clearance, probably because of conflict of interest.


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