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Slo project helps improve lives of women and children in Rwanda


According to Caritas, half of the women in rural Rwanda still give birth at home due to limited healthcare capacities, which leads to numerous complications and deaths of children and women giving births.

Activities were carried out in health centres in Mukungu and Musango, which cover the area with a population of 37,000.

As part of the project, more than 2,000 couples were educated about family planning and more than 3,000 pregnant women on reproductive health. The maternity ward in Mukungu was also expanded and renovated.

All in all, the number of safe deliveries increased by 40% in Musango and Mukungu during the project.

In addition around 3,000 mothers and fathers took part in workshops on postnatal care of children and almost 4,400 mothers were informed about the importance of various vaccinations.

More than 10,000 mothers of children of up to five years of age were educated about healthy diet for children and 350 mothers with undernourished children helped. Among other things, they were given seeds and hoes to grow food by themselves.

People were also informed about the importance of hygiene and taught how to make home-made soap.

According to Slovenian missionary Vesna Hiti, who has worked in Rwanda for 26 years, "much has been done as part of the project, both in material and educational field".

The Slovenian Foreign Ministry contributed EUR 80,000 for the project and Caritas just over EUR 7,000, raised as part of the For the Heart of Africa campaign.


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