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Looking for Support for a Security Council Seat


"You can't win the candidacy for the UN Security Council in your family," Zbogar told the press as he responded to SDS's claims that Slovenia should focus on seeking support from other EU and NATO members and otherwise related democratic and economically most developed countries.

"It doesn't help if I win 27 or 28 votes. I need 129 votes at the General Assembly of the UN. That is why I took part in a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Bali, I was also twice at the African Union's summit; such moves are appreciated."

The vote for the non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council is scheduled for 13 October and Zbogar believes that "five weeks ahead of the vote, it would be a huge mistake to miss a meeting" such as the one in Belgrade.

"I had the opportunity to address a number of ministers, more than 100 delegations that attended the ministerial, and to talk to them about Slovenia and Slovenia's view on the world."

"I believe that we are a good candidate and that our work in the UN and in the international community proves we are an eligible candidate. I believe that we have every chance to be elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council."

Zbogar moreover said that the SDS "talked about strengthening relations with Africa, Asia and South America two weeks ago...Two weeks ago, they discovered the BRIC countries, with which we have been working closely for the past three years. The Non-Alignment Movement is made up of these countries. There is India, Brazil, there is also South Africa, which is a part of BRICS."

He also believes that the SDS accusations are misplaced, serving political motives in Slovenia, where the party is trying to prove that Slovenia was turning back to its non-democratic past. He added that Slovenia still believed in the principles that were the basis for the foundation of the movement in 1961.

Zbogar meanwhile said that Slovenia had not yet garner the needed support for its bid because a number of countries still remained undecided and a lot would depend on the country's decision regarding the Palestinian Question.

He also told the press that the foreign ministers of the EU have called on foreign policy chief Catherine Aston to take part in the debates on the UN's resolution on Palestine should Israelis and Palestinians fail to reopen negotiations by then.


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