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Skiers End Season on a Low



th to Tina Maze's fifth in the Giant Slalom. Since that time, the Slovenians have dropped down the rankings and now face a hard battle back to their old position among the top 15. Overall, our best skier was Mitja Dragsic, who ended the season in the 19th spot in the Slalom. Mitja Kunc came 25th (with 88 points) in the Slalom and Uros Pavlovcic 22nd (with 99 points) in the Giant Slalom. Men's coach Urban Planinsek is now rumored to be on his way out of the team, due to a lack of support from the skiers. Our national team was also hit hard by several injuries. The former World Championship medalist Natasa Bokal had to finish the season prematurely whilst Uros Pavlovcic badly broke his leg. Our most successful skier of the last decade, Jure Kosir, was far away from his past season's results following a knee operation. Mitja Dragsic was injured just before the end of the season whilst Mitja Kunc's efforts came to a halt following an injury just prior to the World Championship. The success of snowboarder Dejan Kosir couldn't make up for the bad results of the alpine ski team, despite becoming the World Parallel Giant Slalom Champion and finishing second in the World Cup standings. Proof enough that, for Slovenians at least, snowboarding is still far away from the popularity of alpine skiing.


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