The Slovenia Times

Daily "Dnevnik" comments on 2030 low-emissions transport strategy


People will start buying electric cars if their popularity and mass production reduce the prices of cars and charging, daily Dnevnik says, wondering whether this will indeed be the case.

You can get a new internal combustion car for about EUR 10,000, while the popular electric Renault Zoe costs about twice that much.

But the higher price can be reduced through subsidies and eco-friendly loans, which enable Slovenians to buy an eco-friendly car for about EUR 130-280 a month, the paper says.

"Therefore, experts believe there is no sense in waiting. The time to buy an electric car is now." But the popularity of electric cars will bring new problems, Dnevnik warns.

Taking into account the current price of charging stations, Slovenia will need to invest an additional EUR 100m to build an adequate charging network.

Moreover, what use are electric cars if the energy driving them is produced by dirty thermal power stations, daily Dnevnik wonders.


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