The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" argues Slovenia should be more ambitious in budget surplus


Slovenia should create more ambitious budget surplus, but this does not mean that it needs another austerity legislative package.

"We do, however, need a public finance system and quality public institutions so that, for instance, millions of taxpayer money will not be thrown in the unreformed healthcare and that public budgets would not break down under the costs of the ageing population in the coming decades."

"Slovenia will be much better prepared for a potential, actually inevitable financial or economic crisis in the coming years if our public debt stands at its outbreak at 'only' 40% or 50% of GDP instead of the current 75-80% of GDP."

Slovenia is not Germany or France, it is only a relatively small and vulnerable country that can easily be sucked into the vortex of financial markets and speculations by stupid and careless policies, excessive deficit and debt, the paper says.

The government of Miro Cerar was not ambitious and successful enough despite the historically favourable external circumstance and ECB Maro Draghi's "printshop of cheap money".


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