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Melania Trump: First Lady of the United States


To quote Jozica Brodaric, a renounced Slovenian fashion expert, "It is the most extraordinary historical coincidence," that Melania Trump is now the First Lady of the United States, "she looked refined, elegant, really presidential." There is even more resonance to the commercial, in early September Melania Trump stepped out to greet those that were most affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there has been much debate about how the First Lady has adapted to her role, which she approaches somewhat differently than her predecessors. From her interviews, Melania eschews a firm, decisive personality, that of a First Lady. It is clear that with her controlled public profile, Melania Trump shows a strong commitment to her family, choosing to provide stable support in the background. This is especially evident in her choice to remain in New York for her son, Barron William Trump, to finish his school year and then moved to the White House in June. She has, however, also undertaken a number of hospital, youth centre and classroom visits where it is clear that she has a strong will to dedicate her time to children. Her strong involvement in charity efforts is also very clear, she has received Salvation Army, Red Cross and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief representatives in their efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Although not formally announced, it appears that these may be some of the roles that may be her focus as First Lady, along with access to education for girls and female empowerment. Interviewed during the campaign for an article that originally appeared in the Harper's BAZAAR February 2016 issue, Melania Trump said that the press often mischaracterises her quietness as reticence. "I am not shy. They interview people about me who don't even know me. These people, they want to have 15 minutes of fame in talking about me, and reporters don't check the facts...You can see how they turn stories around and how unfair they can be." "I'm choosing not to go political in public because that is my husband's job. I'm very political in my personal life, but I chose not to be on the campaign. I made that choice." When her husband, Donald Trump, became President, she was given the role of First Lady. Melania Trump is exceptional in the manner she has adapted to her role, especially given that she is not a native English speaker, nor American-born. We can only wish her great success as she continues to perform her duties as First Lady. 

*Ivona Victoria Moro is a third year International Relations BA student studying at King's College London.


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