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Zastava 750 - "Fi?o"



Zastava 750, popularly known as "Fiiat factories. The first differences showed in 1970, when the production in Italy ceased. First there was Zastava 750 M, which was basically Fiat 600 E, but fitted up with the new 795-ccm engine, with thermostat and closed cooling system. Then there was Zastava 750 S - same like M but fitted with the facia, tachometer and steering wheel from Fiat 126. In 1980, they started to produce Zastava 850. It was the same car as 750 S, but equipped with the 843ccm engine from Fiat 850. From that year till 1988, both cars were produced in the following versions:Zastava 750 L / 850 L, Zastava 750 LE / 850 LE, Zastava 750 SC / 850 SC. After years of oblivion and disappreciation, the little fico is becoming a cult car and a collectors' item. Some are still in service for common transportation needs, but people use them mostly for short distances in less populated areas.


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