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Daily "Finance" expects crypto currencies bubble to burst


However, not everything is clear in this industry, such as how ICO employs, how are the employees paid, whom you can contact as an investor, will there be annual meetings of token owners sometime in the future, how they will report etc.

"Bitcoin, as well as other crypto currencies, are being flooded with money, bitcoin is growing fast, breaking records, the press is reporting on it on a daily basis, watching a bitcoin chart is making one go crazy. What is particularly great is that profits are mostly not taxed."

But the bubble is bound to bust. It it hard to predict when, but it always happens with things growing extremely fast. And the more money in the game, the more painful the loss.

While a lot has been said about the bubble, it is interesting that billionaire investor Warren Buffett said the bitcoin was a real bubble because its value cannot be pinpointed.

While even the best can make a mistake, Finance's commentator says he believes him, because cryptocurrencies are just too hot and have too little use value for their growth to be justified in the mid-term and sustainable in the long-run, the business newspaper concludes in Expecting Big Bang.


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