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Brussels to help with arbitration award implementation


According to Cerar, Juncker reassured him that the Commission was sticking to its position that the arbitration award must be implemented.

Cerar said he and Juncker established the time had come for the Commission to undertake what it had announced, that is that it was willing to help in the implementation of the award.

The Commission will, as Juncker promised, take steps in that direction, being aware that the deadline for preparations for the implementation of the award would soon expire.

Cerar briefed Juncker on Slovenia's activities related to the implementation of the arbitration award and the country's expectation that Croatia would do its share too.

Cerar would not specify the "steps" the Commission would take as it would have to determine them itself. "It's right that it should offer a solution itself. Let me emphasize though we're speaking of its assistance in how to ensure the implementation of the arbitration award. I've reiterated this often so there's no misunderstanding."

The prime minister singled out another item on the agenda after the meeting; the issue of internal border controls in the Schengen area. He said Juncker reaffirmed the Commission's pledge to endeavour for internal checks to be ended as soon as possible.

Cerar repeated that passport controls on the border between Slovenia and Austria were completely unwarranted, expressing the hope that they would be scrapped as soon as possible, which he said was something that Juncker agreed with.


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