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Buckwheat mush



It was usually eaten with milk, sour milk, cabbage, cracklings or, in Stajerska and Prekmurje, with cream. Mush is still known as the most traditional Slovene dish. Even the writer Trdina wrote: mush is a royal dish! Ingredients: 600 g of buckwheat flour and 100 g of fat with cracklings per litre of water, salt Sieve the flour and put it in boiling salt water. Cover and leave for 10 mins, then spike through the flour to make sure it is cooked thoroughly. Leave to simmer for 20-30 mins. Filter some of the water used for cooking the flour and save it in order to add to the mush if it is too dry. Stir the mush well, use a fork to break it into pieces in a bowl and add cracklings in the end.


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